We became involved with making veneer earrings as an extension of our work in producing marquetry furniture.  Marquetry is a traditional woodworking technique used to create pattern and imagery through the practice of wood veneer inlay. Having a wide selection of dyed and natural wood veneers for our marquetry designs allowed us to create a range of colorful renditions of Anne Storrs original earrings. These designs are often inspired by nature, both a micro and macro view of life in the garden.

To create the two color engraved earrings, we start by laying up solid wood veneers in layers.  By making a five band plywood that alternates dyed or natural veneers with black veneer, we can then cut through the first color layer to reveal the black layer below. This creates a cut earring that is further embellished with an engraved design.

Our single color earrings are created from a 3-layer glue up of veneers, both natural and dyed, that are then cut. The look is somewhat different for both styles as you can see in these photos.

The lightness of the wood veneer makes wearing these easy on ears.  Sterling silver hooks are used on all our earrings.

All cut and engraved earrings are named after cities and towns in Oregon. Our new line of marquetry and pattern earrings are named after Oregon rivers. We hope you enjoy looking at, and wearing, our work.